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Faddy Insight
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At Faddy Insight, consulting services are offered through research expertise that combines management and consulting methodologies with qualitative, quantitative and development approaches to identified opportunities from e.g. tender bidding, project application, training and development on environmental, public policy & economic questions.





Faddy Insight is led by Dr. Gideon Fadiran (Ph.D Computational Economics & Finance). He has participated in diverse economic-related activities...see more.

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Consult on:

  • Market Research, Feasibility Study

  • Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Project Partnering, contracting.

  • Economic Research (includes econometrics & statistical analysis)

  • Project Writing, Proposals, Tender, Evaluation & Research

  • Grant writing, Project Application, Technical and Report Writing 

  • Public Policy Analysis 

  • Research Review, Editing and Publication

  • Research Training Development 

  • Research Design and Development: Newsletter; Project Policy Brief; Infographic

  • Questionnaire Design & Analysis – Online and Paper


Interests: Market Research; Cost Benefit Analysis; Feasibility Analysis; Macroeconomics; Consumer behaviour; Financial Markets; Sustainability; Industrial Sustainability; Competition; Transportation

Social interests: Mental health awareness; Empowerment; Human rights & equality

Identify Opportunities


Application Submissions

Develop Training


Assessment Frameworks


Proposal, project collaboration



Market Research, Feasibility Study

Identify economic opportunities, participate in grant, tender & proposal competitions.

Establish partnership for project & tender application and execution at below larger institutional rates.

Provide clients with designs that suite project targets. Structure training frameworks, articles, report, questionnaire, survey, data collection method.

Provide economic research service that combines qualitative and quantitative  methods for clients of all class. 

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