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At Faddy Insight, consulting methods, rigorous academic and research methodologies are exploited to understand environmental, public policy and economic questions. 

The goal is to expertise on research that forges towards creating and making use of approaches that combines management and consulting methodologies with qualitative and quantitative academic and policy development approaches to assessing problems.


Since 2009, Dr. Fadiran has participated in diverse economic related activities involving policy analysis, tutoring, evaluation, supervision, reviewing, lecturing, training, proposal writing, report writing, publication and presentation at several universities. All between 2009 – 2020. 


Dr Gideon Fadiran majored in Economics and Statistics at undergraduate level and then completed a two-year Masters' program comprised of 50:50 coursework and dissertation. The Masters’ degree involved econometric applications that aided his first publication in the top Economics journal in South Africa and further outputs thereafter. His Masters' supervisor was Dr Abel Ezeoha.


Thereafter, Dr Fadiran completed his PhD in Computational Intelligence: Computational Economics and Finance from University of Genoa (Italy), after winning a 3 years fellowship (€36,000). The programme involved integrating industrial sustainability in one of the largest macroeconomic agent-based model (EURACE), by introducing environmental policies and accounting processes. His thesis was supervised by Profs. Marco Raberto & Silvanno Cincotti.

Following his Ph.D defense and graduation, Dr Fadiran worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University College Cork, Ireland, involved with the Energy Policy and Modelling Group working on research project on: Opportunities for Ireland in a Low Carbon Economy – Our 2050 (2016-2018, UCC) and at Centre for Sustainable Livelihood with research project on: Sustainable Production and Consumption: The Influence of Social Norms (SPAC)


The garnered years of experience have guided the understanding and approach to undertake the business goal and tasks. 


Here to help you develop strategies to approach public policy and economic questions. Get in touch to set up your first consultation and collaboration.

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Dr Gideon Fadiran resume

Bachelor of Arts in Social Science (Economics & Statistics majors- University of Swaziland, 2008); Master of Commerce (MCOM) in Financial Markets (Rhodes University, South Africa, 2011); PhD in Computational Economics & Finance (University of Genoa, Italy, 2016).


+353 858 37976
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