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Selected Publications:
Project Report: 

1. G Fadiran., S Onakuse (2022). "Sustainable Production and Consumption: The Influence of Social Norms". Environmental Protection Agency, Research Report; Ireland Download

Journal articles: 

1. Fadiran, G. and Onakuse, S., (2022). "A Case Study for Identifying and Linking Environmental Barriers to Planning, Consumption and Waste Behaviour". SSRN eJournal: Consumption and Waste BehaviourDownload

1. Fadiran, D. and Fadiran, G., (2021). "Is Resource Inefficiency Self-Reinforcing? Evidence from the European Union". SSRN eJournal: Environmental Economics eJournal Vol. 13, No. 28. Download

2. Fadiran, G., Adebusuyi A.T., and Fadiran, D.O., (2019). "Natural gas consumption and economic growth: evidence from selected natural gas vehicle markets in Europe", Energy Journal, Vol.169, 467-477. 


3. Fadiran, G., (2014). "Bank Competition and Interest rate pass-through in the BRICS Economies." International Journal of Emerging Markets, Vol. 9: 4, 471-487. 

4. Fadiran, G. and Edun, A., (2013).  "An Overview of the Repo Rate in an Inflation Targeting Economy." African Development Review, Vol. 25: 621-635. 

5. Fadiran, G. and Ezeoha, A., (2012). "South African Money Market Volatility, Asymmetry and Retail Interest Rates Pass-through." South African Journal of Economics, Vol. 80:2, 157-180. 

Book Chapter:

  1. Tonelli, F., Fadiran G., Raberto, M., and Cincotti, S.,  (2016), “Approaching Industrial Sustainability Investments in Resource Efficiency through Agent-Based Simulation”, Service Orientation in Holonic and Multi-Agent Manufacturing, Series Studies In Computational Intelligence, vol. 640, pp 145-155. Springer, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-30337-6_14 

Working Paper Series:

  1. Fadiran, G., Sharma, T., Rogan, F. and O’Gallachoir, B., (2021). "Opportunities for transition to low carbon fuel: scenarios for natural gas  vehicles in road freight", SSRN Working Paper Series 3855537. Download

2. Fadiran, G., Rogan, R., Mulholland, E. and O’Gallachoir, B., (2018). Agent-based models to understand diffusion of low carbon road transport technologies: a review of application and approaches Download


2. Fadiran, G., Fadiran, D.O. and Ibn-Mohammed, T.,  (2017). Macroeconomic Policy effects on development transition – Views from agent-based model. Working Paper Series, MPRA Paper No. 103197, University Library of Munich, Germany. Download


  1. Fadiran, G., Adebusuyi A.T., and Fadiran, D.O., (2020). Natural gas value to economic growth and potentials for emissions reduction

  2. Fadiran, G., Colgan, J., Onakuse, S., (2020). Opinion piece: Consumer views on incentives to promote public transport use in Ireland.

  3. Onakuse, S., Fadiran, G., Colgan, J., (2019). Identification of attitude-behavioural gaps and targets for attention of policy makers and the public – to stimulate sustainable behavioural change.

  4. Fadiran, G., Sharma, T., Rogan, F., and O’Gallachoir, B., (2018). Opportunities for natural gas and biogas vehicles in freight.


Research Design, Development and Execution, Policy Design, Survey Design, Report Writing; Quantitative and Qualitative Research Analysis. Innovative, Highly Inquisitive, Team Player, Training, Professional Presentation. 

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