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Analysing the Numbers

Bank Competition Research

Investigate bank competition, behaviour and interest pass-through rate to consumers.

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Dark Roofs Housing Complex

Linking Household Income & Property Policies

Investigate the linkages between factors impacting house demand.

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White Van

Renewable Energy in Transport Research

Investigate the potentials & opportunities for clean alternative fuel technologies towards 2030-2050.

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Research Sponsorship

Sponsorships go a long way to affording and executing a reputable and reliable output or outcome. 
'Faddy Insights' is open to the sponsorship of research or project opportunities and other expertise related activities. All sponsorships are open to various areas of expertise and will be acknowledged. Sponsorship is not limited to below and can be customized accordingly:

  1. Training

  2. Conference

  3. Research

  4. Articles, reports & publication


Kindly contact Dr. Gideon Fadiran to request for a sponsorship form. 

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